What does Triumph.gg’s score mean?

If you received a Platinum score for a game, technically, the math behind the score is stating that you had the same impact on that game that a Platinum player would have had.

How does Triumph.gg score a game?

Data from your game is normalized for game length and then compared to thousands of other ranked solo queue games using somewhat complicated math. The algorithm produces scores that are champion specific, role/lane specific, outcome apathetic (doesn’t care if you won or lost), and enemy rank dependent (the higher ranked your opponent is, the better you will score).

Why does my score depend on my opponent’s rank?

On average, higher ranked players don’t get more kills per game than lower ranked players. Since most variables don’t directly correlate to rank, context is required to determine how impressive a value is. Simply put, it’s more impressive to kill a diamond player than a silver player— and Triumph.gg rewards you appropriately.

How do you evaluate picks like Urgot Jungle?

Since there isn't enough ranked solo-queue data on Urgot jungle to produce accurate results, Urgot jungle’s performance is evaluated based on a mix of the average jungle performance and the average Urgot performance.

Why aren’t Dragons, Barons, and Rift Herald included?

Triumph.gg strives to focus on variables that best reflect individual performance, not team performance. For that reason, team based neutral objectives have been excluded. Rift Herald may be reconsidered after players become more comfortable with the objective.

A game is not showing up.

Custom games and normal games beyond the 10 most recent games are not shown. If the game ended recently, refresh the page in a minutes and it should be there.

Who made this website?

The vast majority of the graphics, programming, and concept were created by me; a biology major, Irelia main, and self-taught programmer. Invaluable feedback and input have been provided by a math professor at my school and a few students.

What are taglines and how can I change them?

Taglines appear under a player's summoner name and are (mostly) randomly generated. We will change any player's tagline for a donation of $2 or more. Keep it clean.

How can I help?

If you want to support the development of new content and server costs, you can donate with Paypal, share the site with your friends, or disable ad-block.

How can I contact you?

Email me: mark@markbryant.me
Or dm me on Reddit: /u/triumph-gg

Understanding My Score

Critical Thinking

The truth is… Triumph.gg isn’t perfect. Most of the time it gives reasonable scores, but it’s important to critically analyze the score you’re given. If it seems wrong, it probably is. To help you understand your score, here are some general guidelines.
In the match details there is an option to report the match. Believe it or not, I check and read through all of these. It’s difficult to double check the scoring for over 600 possible champion/role combinations, so I appreciate being notified of potentially inaccurate scores.

My whole team stomped, but I expected my score to be higher.

It’s easier to maintain an impressive KDA on a team that’s snowballing to a victory. It’s much harder (and more impressive) to maintain that same KDA on a team that’s behind. Scores are adjusted to better represent the amount of work you contributed toward a victory by placing your performance into the context your team’s performance.

Why did I get scored lower for kills as a support? If I didn’t get those kills, no one would have.

Getting those kills was great! Triumph.gg can’t differentiate between kills that a support takes from champions that would do more with that gold (like an ADC). When millions of games are analyzed, the overarching trend is that many supports with more kills lose more games (with some notable exceptions like Annie).

Known Scoring Issues

Supports are being scored too low

I’ve made an attempt to balance the scoring for supports since the release. I’ll be paying close attention and making a list of notes for the next big algorithm update.

Low win rate champions are being scored too generously.

I initially didn’t want players to be punished for playing low win rate champions, but at the end of the day it’s a win or loss that counts. The scoring is being rebalanced around champions win rates to resolve this issue. This will take a while to perfect.


The number of wards placed matters far less than the intelligent placement of those wards. In all honesty, Triumph.gg does a poor job of evaluating how well you ward. We’re going to revisit this as we update the scoring calculation in the coming weeks.

Uncommon champion picks / roles

The fewer games we have to compare your champion / role to, the less accurate the score is. We’re aggregating more matches for the next algorithm update and revisiting how uncommon roles are being evaluated.

Players who disconnect for long periods of time are being score too generously

I don't have an good explanation for this one. All I can say is that we will fix this in the next algorithm update.